Sister's Journal

Date: February, 2000
Location: St. Lucia, Martinique, Dominica
The Windward Islands of the Caribbean
The islands of the southeastern Caribbean are often considered to be in one of two groups.  The islands from the Virgin Islands south to Guadoloupe are referred to as the "leeward" islands while those islands from Martinique south are referred to as the "windward" islands.
The most northerly of the windward islands is Martinique.  St. Lucia is the second most northerly and that's where we started our Y2K cruise of the Caribbean.
Upon returning to St. Lucia from our holiday break at home we cruised the west coast of the island a bit.  We spent some time in beautiful Marigot Bay and a few days in Soufriere where we were moored to a buoy within sight of the St. Lucia trademark Pitons, a couple of volcanic cones near the south end of the island.

In terms of tropical settings Marigot Bay is perhaps the most beautiful spot we've been to.  It is a bay within a bay with the inner bay virtually indiscernible from the outside.  The British are said  to have hidden their Caribbean  fleet inside the inner bay, using palm fronds to camouflage the tops of their masts, while the French fleet sailed right by.


I've visited third world doctors a few times in my life.  One of them was during the time we were in Soufriere.  Click here for details.
We stayed in St. Lucia until we pretty much had to leave in order to get to Jolly Harbor, Antigua in time to meet Rich and Mara.  On the trip from St. Lucia to Jolly Harbor we spent a few days on the islands of Martinique, a "department" of France and Dominica where we enjoyed their local version of carnival.



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