Sister's Crew


Rich tracking down a conch




Name: Rich Morris
Home Port: Redmond, WA/Pullman, WA   
Signed on: 10.March.2000 Jolly Harbor, Antigua
Signed off: 19.March.2000 English Harbor, Antigua
Signed on: 16.March.2001 Nassau, Bahamas
Signed off: 25.March.2001 Nassau, Bahamas
Rich was one of two token Cougar crewmembers for 2000 and 2001.  Both years he visited during his spring break from WSU. 
Each year he has had to deal with a bit of thermal shock due to leaving the frozen Palouse one morning and arriving in the balmy Caribbean that evening.  The first year he started his spring break with a world class sunburn on which he used approximately 35 gallons of aloe during the rest of the week.
In 2001 he was more cautious and didn't suffer such severe burns.  
Here he is in the water at Allan's Cays, a few of the hundreds of southern islands in the Bahamas known as the Exumas.  At one point he discovered that you could actually track conch.  They leave a characteristic trail as they drag themselves along the bottom.

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