Changes in Latitude

The original Sister was born and raised in Arkansas near a crossing in the road called Possum Grape.  During the course of her life she lived in lots of places in the US and overseas.
We took delivery of each of our boats in Ellos, Sweden.
The following table has the latitude and longitude of some of the places where the original lived, some places where we have taken our boats and some places of general interest.


Degrees Minutes


Degrees Minutes


Possum Grape, Arkansas 35D 29M N 91D 25M W
St. Johns, Newfoundland 47D 34M N 52D 42M W
Battle Creek, Michigan 42D 19M N 85D 10M W
Sasebo, Japan 33D 10M N 129D 42M E
Monterey, California 36D 37M N 121 D 53M W
Ellos, Sweden 58D 13M N 11D 33M E
Gothenborg, Sweden 57D 42M N 11S 58M W
Stockholm 59D 20M N 18D 5M E
Copenhagen 55D 42M N 12D 37M E
London 51D 30M N 0D 5M W
Plymouth, England 50D 20M N 4D 10M W
Penzance England 50D 7M N 5D 32M W
Los Palmas, Gran Canaria 28D 9M N 15D 25M W
Havana, Cuba  23D 8M N 82D 20M W
New York, New York 40D 42M N 74D 1M W
San Francisco 37D 49M N 122D 25M W
Seattle 47D 36M N 122D 20M W



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