Sister's Journal

Date: 5.May.1999
Location: Hallberg-Rassy yard, Ellos, Sweden
Position: 58 degrees 11 minutes North, 11 degrees 28 minutes East
We're leaving "real soon now"

Our goods arrived from the States. A true fiasco of missing and broken items. Our dingy was shipped in it's original cardboard box and was cracked in several places. It is a total loss. We'll find out what the shipping company considers it sooner or later.

Weather has improved dramatically. This morning Bob even commented on how warm it is.  Bob's been pissing and moaning about the cold weather since we arrived so it's significant that his tune has changed a bit.

We're leaving the yard today. A late start for our trip around Sweden but we'll do what we can. The weather is only going to get better so we're in no hurry. Early itinerary specifics include stops in Marestrand, Sweden, Helsingor and Copenhagen Denmark then south to Bornholm, a Danish island off the southeast coast of Sweden. We've all learned a lot about sailing in amongst the bazillion rocks off the northwest Swedish coast. Clearly we've a lot yet to learn but so far we've maintained a safe distance, both horizontal and vertical between Sister and the rocks. No close calls that we know of.

Since we don't have our satellite communications established yet email and updates will be sporadic for the next month. I'll write status reports as often as I can and send them in batches when we get the chance.

Postscript:  Our goods weren't the only thing that arrived.  May 5, 1999 Clark Biard (subsequently to become known as The Genius) was born to the skipper's daughter Lauren and her husband Jonathan.  Welcome grandson!
Chuck, Andy and Bob aboard Sister in Ellos, Sweden

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