Sister's Itinerary


Key West, Cuba, The Bahamas, Home

2001 was, by contrast to the previous year a low mileage year for Sister.  We cruised a little bit of Florida and Cuba, a little bit more of the Bahamas then brought Sister back to the States to spend the hurricane season at Hilton Head Island, SC.
January,  Florida:  Andy and I spent a couple of weeks aboard in Dania, Florida getting some work done on Sister as well as installing a computer system and integrating it into the on board navigation system, making some changes to the electrical system adding miscellaneous equipment and generally getting the boat ready to go. 
February,  Key West and Havana::  In early February we headed south taking an overnighter to Key West.  Once clear of the harbor we handed the navigation duties over to the computer and it took us pretty much all the way to Key West.  Note that we had autopilots on both boats and they had been doing most of the steering all along.  But now, for the first time, we could use our computer based navigation system to display nautical charts on the monitor then point, click and drag our way to a course from point A to point B (with infinite intermediate points) then, once underway, let the computer take control of the autopilot.  It worked very well.

In late February we made the overnight crossing from Key West to Havana where we spent a short week before heading north to meet our next crew.

March-April,The Bahamas:  We spent a little more than two months cruising some of the islands of the Bahamas.  Other than a week at Harbor Island, just off the northern end of Eleuthera we spent most of our time in the Exuma chain of islands south of Nassau.  Three crews came along for part of the ride in the Bahamas..
May, back to the US:  Andy and I spent the first week or so of May hunkered down once more in the Bahamas.  This time we were tied to a dock in Nassau so the only real inconvenience was not being able to head back to the states which we were both more than ready to do.  Eventually the weather settled enough and we headed for Florida re-entering the States in Jacksonville after a pretty rough ride (the "settling" of the weather was temporary).

From Jacksonville we went to Savannah for a week then on to Hilton Head Island where we had found a marina in which to leave Sister for the hurricane season.

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