Sister's Crew


Teak, Somewhere




Name: Teak
Home Port: Shingle Springs, CA
Signed on: 10.March.2001 Nassau, Bahamas
Signed off: 17.March.2001 Nassau, Bahamas
Teak is Lynn's friend.  He joined us for a short week and we spent essentially the entire week in Harbor Island.  Not a problem since I think Teak was more interested in Lynn than in the Bahamas anyway.
Teak are a retired mechanical engineer.  We let him stay for a week anyway because in his earlier life he had the good sense to graduate from San Jose State University.  Teak snorkeled a bit but mostly he and Lynn drove around the island on the golf cart they rented.
Teak and Lynn are now cohabitating at Teak's almost a ranch in Shingle Springs.  There Lynn has sort of de-evolved.  Apparently she's abandoned her, as she puts it, "cultya" and taken up farm and ranch kinds of activities like raisin critters, ridin horses, shootin stuff and like that.  All under Teak's guidance ... I reckon.

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