Sister's Crew


Ryan (right) at Frederiksborg Castle, Hilerod, Denmark 




Name: Ryan Carroll
Home Port: Redwood City, California
Signed on: 13.July.1999 Ellos, Sweden
Signed off: 17.August.1999 Brighton England
Nephew Ryan, and his sister niece Camellia, helped us get Sister started southward. He crewed with us from Ellos, Sweden to Brighton England. From the skipper's perspective Ryan had mixed feelings about sailing. He wasn't particularly seaworthy, but then neither is the skipper. He continuously lobbied to sail and not motor ... admirable except that he usually was in a hurry to get where we were going. Sailing and minimal passage times are sort of mutually exclusive.

Ryan liked the tourist aspects of the experience although he was a little non-plussed when he encountered the nude bathers (female) on the beach at Anholt.

He was forever curious about how things worked, and he almost always had a better idea for how to do ... essentially everything. Surprisingly though, Ryan can pull that sort of thing off while only occasionally tempting one to throw him overboard.

On the surface Ryan is at a critical stage in his life. This is when he should really decide to leave home at go it on his on because he knows everything there is to know and sticking around home can only diminish his wherewithal.

Underneath it all, however, Ryan is a sweet, thoughtful young man who is a joy to be around and who is welcome on any vessel in any sea that I may ever have the good fortune to sail.


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