Sister's Crew


Lynn at an open air Market in Portugal



Name: Lynn Carroll
Home Port Shingle Springs, California
Signed on: 5.September.1999


Bayona, Spain


Signed off: 24.September.1999


Cascais, Portugal

Nassau, Bahamas


Lynn is the Skipper's sister. She has been with us twice.

The first time, she joined us in Bayonna, Spain and spent a little less than three weeks with us as we slowly worked our way down the Portuguese coast to Cascais, a little outside Lisboa. Unfortunately we motored almost the entire way so Lynn got very little exposure to Sister's sailing ability.

On the other hand she got very good exposure to Portuguese seaside restaurants as we ate our way down the coast. She developed a particular affinity for various kinds of fish, shell fish, squid and octopus all of which the Portuguese skewer and cook over charcoal. As a matter of fact I developed a similar affinity.

Lynn did get to do a bit of dolphining as several of the very cool critters joined us for parts of at least two of our coastal legs. One day she spent an hour or more on the bow watching dolphins cavort ... that's what dolphins do you know ... they cavort. Further, they cavort as well or better than any other cavorters that I can think of. It's fascinating to stand or, better, lay, on the foredeck watching them as they alternately lead the boat along the way or charge the boat from the side only to dive at the last second to narrowly avoid collision. Lynn was totally absorbed.

Lynn left us in Cascais getting in a taxi at the marina early one rainy morning. Her return flight was from Madrid to San Francisco so she had to get from Cascais (Lisbon) to Madrid first. She caught the taxi at 0700 and her arrival time at SFO was 1830 local time which would be 0230 the next morning Portugal time. That is, her trip home took 19.5 hours longer than any of the "sails" that we took along the Portuguese coast.

The second time Lynn joined us was in the spring of 2001.  She, boyfriend Teak and brother Bob spent a couple of weeks (Teak was there only for the second week) in the Bahamas.  I'm afraid that the second visit didn't go as smoothly as her first since we spent several days sitting below staring at each other while we waited out a storm in a rocky rolly anchorage in Allen's Cay, Bahamas.  On the other hand, after 3-4 days of high winds and seas things settled and we had some 10 days of beautiful weather.


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