Sister's Crew

Jack and Peggy

A not so pretty good picture of Jack and Peggy




Name: Jack and Peggy Heddy
Home Port: Seattle, WA
Signed on: 3.June.1999 Ellos, Sweden
Signed off: 25.June.1999 Ellos, Sweden

Jack was a boat broker in Seattle. His firm, West Coast Yachts, represents Hallberg-Rassy in the western U.S. He sold our boat to us. The facts that he and his wife, Peggy, spent three weeks with us and that they are represented here is something of a testimonial not only to the quality of his product but to Jack's effectiveness as a sales dude.

In the early 90's Jack and Peggy spent three years sailing their own boat, Scimitar, from Seattle down the US and Mexican west coasts then out to the fabled South Pacific. They returned, partly to refurbish the money supply but, more importantly, to sort of clear the decks in preparation for their next adventure which could be called the "final separation". Since returning they've sold their boat, their house, their property and all Jack's expensive contractor equipment. They've moved into and apartment and bought the boat that will take them on their next adventure. Jack has pretty much retired and is spending full time outfitting his Nordic 44 for their next trip.  Jack says the next time out will be "for the duration".

It was a pleasure to have them both on board for three weeks.

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