Sister's Crew


Darcy on Orkney, Scotland 




Name: Darcy Gravelle
Home Port: Spokane, WA
Signed on: xx.July.2000 Bergen, Norway
Signed off: xx.August.2000 Fort William, Scotland
Darcy retired from teaching in June, 2000 and joined us shortly thereafter.  She flew from Seattle to Bergen, a long trip in itself, then took the 7 hour train ride from Oslo through the mountains to Bergen on the west coast.  In spite of a grueling trip and an 8 hour time change she was up and ready to go the very next morning.
Andy and Darcy are aficionados of things old and things that are bargains.  Together they scoured several antique and second hand shops in Norway and Scotland.  Often at the end of the day they would bring their prizes back to the boat and praise each other on what cool things they had acquired and what good deals they had made that day.  They skipper had the good sense to admire and appreciate their accomplishments.
Darcy has traveled more than most but we were able to take her to quite a few places that she hadn't visited before.  She documented a number of the places we visited by making pencil drawings and writing in her journal.  I don't think she even brought a camera.  The pencil drawings are special.

Darcy also crossed the North Sea from Bergen to Lerwick, Shetland with us.  It was an overnight crossing and the North Sea gave us just a tiny bit of the weather that it is famous for.  Darcy didn't think much of the ride.

From Shetland the three of us continued south to Orkney, Fair Isle and the Scottish mainland where we transited the Caledonia canal.  Darcy made a tearful departure (off to Edinburgh to make one more shopping trip before flying home) leaving us at Ft. William at the south end of the canal.


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