Sister's Crew


Camelia at the maritime museum in Amsterdam

Name: Camelia Carroll
Home Port Redwood City, California
Signed on: 13.July.1999 Ellos, Sweden
Signed off: 17.August.1999 Brighton England

Niece Camellia and her brother Nephew Ryan helped us bring Sister from Sweden to England. She joined us just after graduating high school.

Since there were only four of us Camellia got the forward cabin to herself. In no time at all she had converted the austere cabin to one that was obviously the lair of a teenage girl. You can see that sort of "lair" look in her picture.

Camellia was an excellent shipmate, always ready to contribute in any way that she could. She particularly enjoyed the Danish island of Anholt, where the beach was so fine, and Copenhagen where the street musicians were so talented. She also particularly enjoyed certain aspects of Kiel, Germany and Amsterdam. Details to remain undisclosed.

After returning home in late August, 1999 Camellia enrolled in college in San Mateo, CA.  She went on to compete in track and in the spring of 2001 became the California state junior college women's hammer throw champion.  As a result of her academic and athletic excellence Camelia is now enjoying a full ride scholarship at the University of California, Irvine. 

Clearly she is an outstanding student and athlete but she is also a very sweet young lady.


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