Sister's Crew


Bob's so cool 




Name: Bob Carroll
Home Port: Redwood City, CA
Signed on: 3.March.2001 Nassau, Bahamas
Signed off: 17.March.2001 Nassau, Bahamas
Bob be de bruddah!  His kids, Ryan and Camelia were so cool when they were with us in Europe that we had no choice but to invite their old man along for a spin.  We asked hom to come along in 2000 in the Caribbean but it wasn't until 2001 that he took us up on our offer.
He was with us for a couple of weeks including 3-4 days when we were anchored in the Exumas sitting out a miserable gale that kept us hunkered down for the duration. 
After the gale the weather was jes fine thank you for the rest of Bob's stay. 

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