Sister's Crew


Annette trolling for sharks 




Name: Annette 
Home Port: Anchorage, Alaska/Pullman, WA
Signed on: 16.March.2001 Nassau, Bahamas
Signed off: 25.March.2001 Nassau, Bahamas
Annette is another Cougar who came down looking for a warmer place in the world than the Palouse in March.  She found what she was looking for and had no trouble adjusting to it.
One of the local treats in the Bahamas is conch salad.  Conch salad is a combination of lots of things including ripe and green tomatoes, onions, juice from green oranges, and, most importantly, fresh conch.  All the ingredients are diced and mixed together.  Some folks let the mixture pickle for a while but most just down it immediately.
Annette, like virtually all of our crewmembers in the Bahamas, took a real liking to conch salad.  In fact she liked it so much that she was determined to bring some back with her.  She said it was so her friends at WSU could taste it but we all knew who it was really for.  She packed some up in container, stuffed it in her carry on stuff and took off.  I'm not sure how you explain conch salad to the airport customs dudes but I think she managed to get it home ok.  (Really, what are the customs dudes going to do?  Make you eat the salad before entering the U.S.?  Big deal!).

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