Sister's Crew


Andy likes diggin in the dirt




Name: Andy Carroll
Home Port Ames Lake, Washington
Signed on: 13.March.1999 Ellos, Sweden
Signed off: Not yet

Andy, born of Dutch and Swedish stock (Vander Yachts and Sundstroms) and bred and buttered in Whatcom County, Washington near the Canadian border, had never considered such insanity as sailing on the open ocean in a tiny craft.  She has, however, supported the Skipper in his decision to buy a boat and to go cruising. She considered the open ocean sailing part warily, however, and has what amounts to an escape clause in her commitment although she probably was "the most valuable player" when we crossed the Atlantic.  

Currently she's all for the coastal cruising and island hopping we've done more recently as long as she gets her time at home each year to quilt and sew and dig and weed and plant and walk her dog and ...



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