For the technically inclined some of Sister's, more or less superficial, details are listed in the table below.

Hallberg-Rassy 53 Technical Specifications
Designer Germán Frers, Argentina
Builder Hallberg-Rassy, Sweden
Hull length 16.44 m / 53'11"
Beam 4.64 m / 15'3"
Draft 2.29 m / 7'6"
Displacement 23000 kg / 50706 lbs
Sail area with jib 131 m² / 1410 sq ft
Engine Volvo Penta
Cylinders 6
Engine power 107 KWatts / 145 HP
Speed under power 8.5 knots
Water tank 1020 liters / 270 US gallons
Diesel tank 850 liters / 225 US gallons
Height from waterline to top of mast 22.4 m / 73.5 ft
The 53 is significantly deeper and significantly taller than our first boat from Hallberg-Rassy.  The depth and height both proved to be a problem because of the shallow waters and low bridges of the Bahamas and of the east coast of the US.

One of the things I found interesting was that the boat is actually longer than her model name would indicate. Most boat builders tend to stretch reality a bit in that the the number in the model name often exceeds the actual boat length. For example, if the hypothetical boat builder "Acme" were to build a boat which is 53 feet 11 inches long, like Sister, They would almost certainly call it an "Acme 54". 

HR doesn't follow the Acme example.  Don't know why... they just don't 

Note the engine power rating is given in KiloWatts and Horsepower. In the US we only use KiloWatts when referring to electricity but it is a perfectly legitimate way to express the power developed by an engine. In fact, most of the rest of the world uses KiloWatts as opposed to horsepower. If you're a real techo-nut then you've already figured out that one horse power is approximately equivalent to 740 Watts (or 0.74 KW).


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