The Entertainment Center

The Stereo Control Console

This pictures shows the entertainment center during construction at the yard. I was as impressed with the quality of the gear and workmanship of the installation as I was with the awesome stereo sounds coming out of "the system".

Note the installation line (I believe it's called a flexible bracket) going from one side of the handle, through an open port light, back through a second open port light to the other side of the handle. The bracket is white at one end and black at the other. This ensures that it is installed with the proper orientation. A nearly foolproof system.

This "suspended" installation technique provides a natural gimbal so that the system remains level regardless of the motion of the boat. There are some complications, however, since the open port lights can allow the interior to take on a little moisture in inclement weather or heavy seas.

One can't have everything. One pays one's money and takes one's chances.


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