The Navigation Station

The navigation station

This is where I spend a fair amount of time.  One reason is that it's where I go to plan trips, plot courses, maintain the ship's log, write email etc. etc.  Another reason is that it's a pretty damned comfortable seat. 

The panel on the starboard bulkhead is the DC electricity distribution and control panel.  Essentially all the DC devices on the boat are powered and fused through this panel.  
The funky machine behind the seat is a weatherfax.   The US government and other agencies broadcast weather charts of one description or another pretty much all day every day.  They publish a schedule so a skipper can tell when and on what frequency the specific charts that he's interested in are broadcast.  He can then program this machine it to turn itself on at the appropriate time and tune itself to the appropriate frequency and produce a hard copy of the desired chart. 
 Not visible in this shot are the various radios, telephone, navigation instrumentation and computers that are all installed in the navigation station.  I'll get a better picture for  you later.

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