The Galley

Part of the galley ... showing the upright and chest refrigerators 

The galley is in the companionway that goes from the main Saloon to the aft cabin.  This is a different layout than the first boat.  The new galley has more counter space, it has two refrigerators, one of which is upright and both of which can be accessed by folks in the saloon without interfering with the cook.

Nevertheless the galley is still small by normal house standards but there are reasons for that. The obvious reason is that there isn't room on a 53 foot boat for a humongous galley. A less obvious reason is that the small size makes for a safer cook.  Handholds and ways to "wedge" one's self in are both handy when one is trying to prepare a meal at sea.

The stove is gimbaled port to starboard so when Sister rolls the stove top remains level and things on top of and in the stove remain there.

In addition to the standard equipment shown, Sister has a built-in microwave and a full complement of the portable appliances found in most homes.


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