Our (very) easy chairs

Our easychairs 

This is part of the main saloon.  The chairs are a very nice option.  The standard configuration has a a settee (like a couch) here. The chairs are much more comfortable and they open up the cabin sole (the floor) a bit so the saloon has a more spacious feel. The down side is that you give up some storage space.

Except for the cabin sole the interior wood is all teak. This is another difference between this boat and the first.  The first had a mahogany interior which had begun to darken during the year that we owned the boat.  We're hoping that the teak interior will lighten in color over time.  We think the saloon should be as bright as possible.

The cabin sole, protected by the carpet, is teak and holly.

Forward, through the open door is a cabin with double bunks on the port side, a head with separate shower and washer/dryer on the starboard side and a double cabin all the way forward. Each cabin is private with its own closet, drawers, ventilation and locking door



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